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OutCasting is a program produced by LGBTQ youth and straight allies with professional supervision and guidance.  It deals with major issues that affect LGBTQ people, including gender identity and expression, portrayal of LGBTQ people and issues in the media, the anti-LGBTQ backlash against marriage equality, LGBTQ issues in education, and much more.

Our highly authoritative guests have included:

  • Evan Wolfson, a leading civil rights lawyer and a key architect of the marriage equality movement;
  • Larry Gross, a communication professor at UCLA and an eminent authority on LGBTQ issues and the media;
  • Michelangelo Signorile, a renowned author, activist, and thought leader in the LGBTQ community; and
  • Bishop Gene Robinson, whose ordination led to a worldwide split in the Episcopal Church over the issue of homosexuality.

The Advocate, one of the country's most prestigious LGBTQ publications, said this about OutCasting:

"In-depth, well researched, and punchy in the right ways... NPR-level production values....  What makes all this remarkable is that most of the people working on the show... are barely old enough to drive."

GLAAD, a national media watchdog agency, said:

"... some of the most honest and accurate representations of LGBT and allied youth in the media"

And from the Huffington Post:

"[OutCasting] injects an LGBT narrative into the conversation surrounding mainstream radio that historically lacks this kind of perspective."

THE PROGRAMS:  We produce two broadcast programs:

  • OutCasting, the main program, which is 29:00, and deals with issues in depth. 
  • OutCasting Overtime is a shorter program of variable length (typically 4-7 minutes) and is usually a personal reflection on current issues relevant to LGBTQ youth.  It is suitable as a drop-in to be used during longer-form programming.  Both OutCasting and OutCasting Overtime are produced monthly.


  • On Pacifica's Audioport, you'll find us as a producer under OutCasting Media.  From there, you'll be able to access the pages for both OutCasting and OutCasting Overtime.
  • If you're an affiliate of the Pacifica Radio Network and you carry Sprouts: Radio from the Grassroots, you already carry OutCasting, as OutCasting is regular contributor to Sprouts — though it's the Sprouts-branded version of OutCasting. 
  • If you're a Pacifica affiliate and you want to carry OutCasting under its own name, the program is available — so go to the O's and find us there under OutCasting Media.
  • OutCasting Overtime, our series of short pieces, are also available on Pacifica's Audioport.
  • On PRX — the Public Radio Exchange

If you're not affiliated with either Pacifica or PRX and you want to carry either OutCasting or OutCasting Overtime, please contact us.

AUDIO PROMOS:  We provide audio promos in both 29 and 59 second versions that include about 10 seconds of time with the theme music continuing at the end for your local tag ("join for OutCasting Tuesday afternoon at 4:00, here on WXXX").  In Pacifica's Audioport, there is a series for the 29 second promos and another for the 59 second promos.

Because OutCasting Overtime pieces are usually designated as drop-ins for longer program, we don't generally produce promos for them, but if you need OT promos, just let us know and we'll provide them.  Please note that we need at least two weeks' notice to produce a custom promo.

WHEN THE PROGRAMS ARE POSTED:  Both OutCasting and OutCasting Overtime are released once a month, just before the first of the month (typically on the last day of the prior month) so that you have it available for broadcast starting on the first of each month.

FULL CATALOG:  Links to all editions of OutCasting are found here.  Links to all editions of OutCasting Overtime are found here.  Note that these online versions contain fundraising announcements for us at the beginning and end.  On request, we can provide you with a broadcast-ready version.  Please allow at least two weeks for production.

AUDIO:  OutCasting, OutCasting Overtime, and the promos are all available on Pacifica's audioport as 16 bit 128kbps 44.1 kHz mp3.  On PRX, they're standard mp2 files.  If you download the promos from our server, they're 16 bit 44.1 kHz wav files.


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LGBTQ+ issues seen from the rarely heard perspectives of LGBTQ youth and straight allies — not by and for LGBTQ youth, but by LGBTQ youth and straight allies and for anyone who wants to better understand LGBTQ issues — parents, grandparents, kids, relatives, straight, LGBTQ, everyone!

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